End Time Truth Broadcast

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All your rights will be taken from you!

December 21st, 2008

The government wants to slowly take away all your rights as a human being and a citizen. The goal is to know everything that you do and say. You will no longer be able to make any transactions without the government knowing what you are doing. You are being watched with cameras, cell phones, digital cable, internet (email) etc; All these things are being done without your consent. The end purpose is to control every person on the planet and if you do not consent to what they say, your (RFID) chip will be cut off.

What is the RFID chip and what is it’s purpose? The chips are actually tiny transmitters  (about the size of a grain of rice),  that are used for the purposes of identification and tracking. Without being maintained or replaced, they can identify someone for many years. This will be presented as a good thing but the government’s motive is to keep tabs of the society’s every movement. This information should cause everyone to want to know more about this new move of the future. Beware!

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